MapMap Open source video mapping software

Plaquette Object-oriented Arduino library for creative physical computing

Qualia Open source library for agent-based systems

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Special projects and collaborations

Biosensor VR Video Game Commission by Erin Gee (role: AI designer).

Agit P. O. V. Microhack for bicycles relying on the persistence of vision (POV) effect, the propaganda tactics of the russian avant-garde (AGIT Prop) and the SpokePOV Project by Limor Fried (LadyAda)

SONDES Digital art workshops in Tunis, Casablanca and Dakar


Perte de Signal
Agence TOPO
Eastern Bloc
ComPeung (Doi Saket, Thailand)
iMAL (Brussels, Belgium)
LABoral (Gijón, Spain)
Piksel (Bergen, Norway)


Stephanie Castonguay
Max D
Jean Dubois
Rosalie Dumont-Gagné
Erin Gee
Stephen Kelly
Nick Montfort
Alexandre Quessy
Chris Salter
Audrey Samson
Samuel St-Aubin
Nell Tenhaaf
Jonathan Villeneuve
Bill Vorn
Pavitra Wickramasinghe