/ immersive installation
 / 2019

SENSEFACTORY is a spectacular large scale performative installation combining architecture, sound, smell, light and AI technology into a immersive multi-sensorial experience.


Created by an international team of artists, architects, designers and technologists, SENSEFACTORY sends visitors on an exhilarating sensory journey through a colossal, ever transforming pneumatic architectural environment that changes form and shape before your very eyes.

The Bauhaus sought a new relationship between humans and machines – a theater that would integrate the human spectator and actor into a new kind of rhythmic and dynamic media process. 100 years later, we are enveloped in these total environments of media that continually scan, surveil, record, monitor and transform us.

SENSEFACTORY reflects on our radical times – creating a compelling event that oscillates between intensive sensual experience and meditative reflection; physical euphoria and nervous unease.


Artistic Team

  • Graphics & Communication Design: Erik Adigaard
  • AI / Software Engineering: Sofian Audry
  • Sound Design: FM Einheit
  • Concept / Artistic Direction: Dietmar Lupfer & Chris Salter
  • Architecture: Alex Schweder
  • Olfactory Design: Sissel Tolaas


  • Light Design: Alexandre Saunier
  • Project Management (Munich): Miria Wurm & Michael Hennig
  • Project Management (Montreal): Marije Baalman & Garnet Willis
  • Public Relations (Munich): Christiane Pfau
  • Production Assistant (Montreal): Andrea Pena
  • Production Team (New York): Clemens Klein, Hannah LaSota, Anna Oidakowski