Media installation in three stages

2007 - 2008

Trace is a collaborative installation in three stages. It pools the plastic and conceptual concerns of the artists with a will of complementarity and exchange.


Led by a computational, sculptural and sound work, the project tries to create a physical impression in the viewer. The collective creation allows the artists to develop new aesthetic, sensory and technical approaches.

A multi-faceted work, Trace explore many sides of the same idea. Three sculptural elements give insight on a daily experience that is lived with the transformation of private space. Bulbs, wiring, textiles, dyes and bolts intertwine, carrying the fragility of livable spaces. The reality is thus diverted, revealing the ephemeral aspect of a memory that fades with the renewal of the domestic sphere.

Trace consists of three installations: L, V and S. The concept of flexibility and mobility is the basis of the work that thus adapts to its exhibition space. The development is based on a collective “work-in-progress” methodology, where each element responds to the first and influences the next.



Trace is a project by:
Sofian Audry
Jonathan Villeneuve
In collaboration with:
Myriam Bessette (sound space)
Samuel St-Aubin (electronic design)
Production and diffusion: Perte de Signal
The Canada Council of the Arts

Fondation du Maire de Montréal pour la Jeunesse
Perte de Signal